Wedding Fireworks - top tips and photo ideas

Having fireworks at your wedding reception is the ultimate entertainment for your guests and brings a sense of occasion to the most important day of your lives. Firstly ask your venue if fireworks are allowed. Many venues have different rules including using only low noise fireworks. Secondly consider the time of year that your wedding will take place. Winter months are perfect for timing but keep in mind how late in the evening it gets dark in the summer months especially between June to August. Once you have confirmed they allow fireworks your Star Firework Coordinator will do everything else leaving you to just arrange the fun stuff.

The perfect length of time for your display is between 5-10 minutes, always remember that the display is only part of your evening’s entertainment. An intense spectacle of effects, colours and bursts synchronised to a few of your favourite romantic songs will leave lasting memories to all and create the most beautiful wedding photos for your album. You can even add personal touches to your display with the Heart Set Piece which includes your initials either side of a red heart or the popular Wheel Of Love, a giant Catherine Wheel with a double heart and arrow running through it and Heart Shaped Shells.

Make sure you inform the photographer and videographer that you are having fireworks and at what time so they can orchestrate some stunning footage. Equally if your guests are providing the evening photographs then ensure they have prime position to capture the moment.

If fireworks are not allowed at your venue or out of your budget range there are other options which will still allow you to create that top-of the-night-effect. Sky Lanterns and wedding sparklers are just as romantic and you can include as little or as many guests as you like. Always check with your venue first to see if they allow Sky Lanterns. We only provide the highest quality on the market, 100% biodegradable and wire free lanterns. Wedding sparklers can also make great favours and there are various ways you can display them to suit your theme. Photographers can work wonders with sparklers and whether you want to create a line of well wishers or spell out letters or shapes with the sparks you can rest assured your photographs will capture the moment beautifully.

Another cost effective solution to outside lighting is wax torches. Dotted around the grass on a summers evening once the sun has set , a warming distraction to guests during the winter as they participate in your chosen activity or simply to line the path for guests in the garden. They are long lasting (approx 70-100 mins)  low ash, low wax dripping and low smoke and we are confident they are the best quality available in Europe.

Finally as the day comes to an end, well wishers are lined up at the front of your venue and you and your loved one are in the car ready to bid everyone a fond farewell for the night, why not add one more sparkling surprise to create the perfect finale to the best day of your life? Twenty sparkling silver fountains set alongside the driveway for your departure. Stunning!

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