Why should wedding videographers be cheap?

Why should Wedding Videographers be Cheap?

With the rising popularity of professional wedding videography there are many wedding videography companies out there offering a variety of services for your wedding. But, there are also a variety of costs for different wedding videographers.
This comes as no surprise as with this there is also a variety in quality of the wedding video that you will get at the end. Wedding videography can range from as little as £395 to around £5000. This is a wide gap. However, similarly wedding photography will be varied in the same way. There is an element of truth in ‘you pay for what you get’.

What is noticeable first is the look of the wedding video. The lower end videos will adopt a home video look, the shots  and angles may be less impressive, but mostly the editing can let the film down by being either predictable with poor transitions and bad editing which ends up as just a montage of static clips to background music. The higher end wedding videographers will adopt a film look, the filming techniques will be more advanced and impressive, and editing will be seamless.

So, if you want a high end wedding videographer why should they come cheap?

What I really can’t understand is those who want a videographer but don’t want to spend much. I never really hear this of a photographer? Often a videographer is last on the list and only if the budget allows or if there is a bit of money left over. Many high end photographers are even more expensive than a videographer and have a far less work load. A wedding videographer will have to use far more hardware filming kit throughout the day to capture the variety of shots and filming techniques; they will need to capture audio by using a variety of different microphones on different people and locations, then when the day is over the videographer has even more work with weeks and weeks of post production editing to produce your finished film. So it pains me when someone would expect a wedding videographer on the cheap. Yes, if you do want this then, as mentioned, there are those that could probably meet your budget….if you want that kind of finished film, but don’t expect what you can get at the high end. Try comparing their films and see what you think.

In my opinion a wedding videographer should cost double what a photographer charges solely because of the work load that has to go into it, but wedding videography is only starting to become a more widely known professional product, and many still don’t know what is on offer with film nowadays. When it has taken it’s rightful place at the top end of the wedding planning check list then maybe prices will accurately reflect the service.

Don’t just settle for still images, but let a professional wedding video bring your day back to life.


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